Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meal Box Question

If you could build a private bridge or tunnel that would take you directly from your home  to any place at all, what would it connect you to?

As I was reading this question a smile form my lips. Because I found this question very easy. Of course, I would love a private tunnel to connect with my family back in the Philippines!! I missed my siblings and my nieces and nephew. Thankfully, we have internet that my brother could easily share photos. And here is

                                                     FOOD FOR FAMILY THOUGHT
                            Prayer is one of the surest ways we connect with God. At any time, in any
                             circumstance, you can talk to God heart-to-heart. Make prayer a daily 
                                                                    habit in your home. 

    Do you pray with your children and husband at home? How much prayer do you put in your daily life?

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