Monday, November 21, 2011

My Childhood Christmas Tree

I am just so tired I've been cleaning our living and dining room for the whole day. Arranging furniture's is not an easy tasked I need the help of hubby for some heavy lifting. I was overwhelmed of my chore today I cried I was so tired. I looked at it tonight of what I have done I feel good because the living room is clean and not so many stuff around. We donated the electric organ at Goodwill and that make the space more spacious. Tomorrow I am going to make my Thanksgiving tablesscape and continue my laundry. Tonight, I decided not to put up our tall Christmas tree instead I am going to find twigs that looks nice because this kind of Christmas tree remind me of my childhood. We do not have the kind of Christmas tree that I have it now instead my mom would bring a good twigs from school and then we decorate it. And that is what I am intend to make. Now that all the twigs, trees, branches are out of leaves it is about time to look for a good one. I cannot wait to make it tomorrow, and crossing my fingers to this plan. ^_^


april said...

i cant wait too see your twiggy christmas tree...same here my mom used to do the same thing.Actually it looks pretty nice when the twiggy christmas is all dolled up..very festive!

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