Sunday, November 6, 2011

Incense For Your Mood

We were at a Renaissance Festival this summer and I happened to found a store that sells hundreds of different scents. I never know that just a scent alone could take hundreds or maybe thousands of them. I was curious and though I did not smell all the products in the store but I did some. The sales clerk explained to us each scent I tried. Some scents set your mood. Scents that makes you feel relax, releases your tension and others. In addition, I believe in what she says because there are some of my food that when I can smell them it made me hungry right away.
Yesterday, I was browsing the internet and happened to find this website I got curious and browsed more of the website. They sell many kind of herbal incense. In addition, speaking of incense I remember if you go to a temple or a monastery or churches they burnt incense there and that stuck in my mind. The store sells more than I expected to be there. They had incense for party enhancers, K6 herbal incense, and spiritual powders. These three made me curious and you've got to look to see it.


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