Saturday, October 8, 2011

My New Shoes

Hubby and I went to the Farmers Market this noon afterwards we went to Sears to fixed his watch. Hubby was at the watch repair shop I was browsing the women's aisle for sales and I got one for just $4.99!! What a deal huh? Do you like it?


clarizze said...

aw, u good never find a great deal as that here! from 39+ to just under $!
the straps would look fabulous on ur ankle. (inggitz^_^)

Jama said...

That is one deal nobody could resist, so cheap and nice!

Kim, USA said...

Hello Clar, yes it's like a steal. I just grab it right away after I saw the size and the price. In my mind it is SOLD! Hehehe!

Kim, USA said...

Hi Jama, yes it is very cheap and wore it today just great feels comfortable. ^_^

Vernz said...

maka afford ko ani.. kanang sale ra.. hahaha... very pretty manang KIm.. great deal indeed. :)

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