Friday, September 23, 2011

Video of my Life #1

I want to start something that is pretty unique. Every Friday I am going to post a video taken from You Tube and this particular music has meaning in my life could it be from the past, present or the future. Through music you will know me more and hope my friends you gonna come and visit me here every Friday!
My first music video is this...

This one particular story of my life is about how I asked the intercession of St. Joseph to find me the right man. It was in the mid 90's that I pray a special novena to St. Joseph. For the very first time of my life I asked a particular request and that I am going to meet a man that would be my husband. And I remember that when you pray you have to be specific and I did. In my novena, I say, if the right time comes and this man will really come, this man will hand me a one single stem PINK flower not a bunch not red or any color but PINK. For I know that in the Philippines our roses are mostly red and yes there are pink roses but in my human mind who could bother to give me a PINK single rose anyway? But I did pray for that particular request, and you know what after 10 years after that novena to St. Joseph, I meet my man who is my  husband now. Did he give me a single PINK rose? YES HE DID!!!
Amazing? A miracle? Fate? I don't know what I only knew I once did a novena of St. Joseph asking that I may meet a man who is the right man for me and that he will hand me a PINK rose. God sent my husband to me after 10 long years....he travelled 8,000 miles to see me, and just hand  me the PINK rose. Is that so cool? That's why I choose ST. JOSEPH as my first video of my life.
Lesson of my life story: Don't cease to pray. The bible say PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. And we all know God answer our maybe YES, NO or WAIT. And my husband is worth the wait!! I meet him at the age of 35 and we got married at the age of 38 worth the wait INDEED!!

Come back next week for another video. Happy Friday and have a happy weekend!

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maiylah said...

i remember a classmate telling me she'd marry any guy who will give her a blue rose...she's married now, but am not sure if she got a rose, or not. lol.

loving your blog's name, Manang Kim! :)


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