Monday, August 1, 2011

We love the beach

One thing for sure hubby and I love the beach. Hubby grew up here in Michigan and he only have several experiences that he went to the ocean, and it's fishing not for having fun like swimming at the beach. While I grew up close to a bay. I remember every weekend my mom would bring us to the beach and stayed there until the sunrise. I remember it's glorious watching the sunrise and when it gets hot we go home. That's what I like to experience when hubby and I would retire in one place. And our preferable place to go is Hawaii. Hubby love tropical climate and so do I.  Last month few of my friends went for vacation in Hawaii and the pictures is awesome!! I can't wait  for me and hubby to spend our 10th wedding anniversary there, it would be a blast for sure. The other day out of know where hubby asked me if I could find Hawaii Realty International online, I was excited to looked I thought there is something going on here ^_^ So I did of course found  it and we had a good time browsing those enormous houses,  sprawling lawn, palms and white sand, just gorgeous I can't wait to visit this place. Browsing Hawaii real estate is fun, hubby was laughing at me because almost of the house we saw I like it, I can't decide which one do I like the best but you can't do you? If you are face to face with this houses and the place is gorgeous I don't know how to decide which is which  hahaha. But I surely settle for just enough for me and hubby, not too big since we are always outside enjoying the beach, sipping pina colada and of course the food. What a life huh!!


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