Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Midweek blues

     This morning I went outside for a short walk.  I looked at my flowers and they bloom well specially those flowers that bloom late in summer. I have three plants that I have not planted yet. Since the temperature outside is a bit cool I would plant it today but I do not like the mosquitoes they are a pest. They swarmed you like you are a food geez! I found this two flowers. It is very dainty and I only plant these a month ago and thankfully it bloom. Then I noticed the color it is blue so I grabbed my camera and took a snap. 

                                                         My blue bachelors button

                                     I don't know the name of this flower and I don't know if it will
                                                       stay like this or it will open up.

                                                            My MIDWEEK BLUES      


Dianne said...

pretty pretty flowers :)

emmanuelmateo said...

what a wonderful flower manang kim..

Jientje said...

Perfect blues for Midweek Blues!

Kathy said...

Visiting from "Midweek Blues". That second flower MIGHT be a lariope. Beautiful hues of blue you've captured.



Ewa said...

what a lovely color!

jeannette said...

Love this kind of ultramarine blue -my favorite blue to paint with

MAG DURU said...

a very nice blog. thanks for visiting and may God bless you always. have a good day dear...

Rebecca said...

I always admire Bachelor Buttons, but I just cannot get them to grow for me!

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