Monday, August 22, 2011

I gotta be me!

Yesterday at mass the priest asked us who do you want to be? I know people could narrate and say something about who they like to be. It is very for us t say something who we like to be right? But do we really like them or we just like the thing that we see on them. I looked at hubby and I told him I like to be me!! I already have a hard time figuring out myself and if I would look for people and dream that I would like me to be them it is chaos. ^_^ Then the priest continued to asked us "Who am I"!! Whoa!! That is a hard question for sure. 

So who are you? Who am I? I have encountered this question in my seminars, catechism schooling  and retreats and still it is very hard to answer. Because this question entails you to dig deeper. Not just what you see on yourself that you can see but what is in your heart. Some people when they are asked to be quite and silent they couldn't. They resisted for the fact that they couldn't face that tiny voice that speaking to them. And when you face it, you broke down, you kneel and you realize that what you want yourself to appear is not what God want you to be.

And that fact is hard to fathom because we have worked hours and hours just to get what I wanted to be and here is this tiny word that says "this is what I want you to be my Child" God never want you to be unhappy he want you to live a good life but a good life that is in the right path. The path that He prepared us to walk through. So if you gotta be you...start by listening what is that inner voice dictating you to do. And that is to follow God's words because in the very beginning we are HIS children.

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