Friday, August 12, 2011

Generation of smile

I am proud to say that when I was in elementary I can visit our Family Dentist alone. I do that because I cannot bear toothaches. Our Dentist is our neighbor, a close family friend, and just lives five houses away from our house. What stuck in my mind is that Dentist can do anything but I did not know that in Dentistry there are many areas specialization in this field. I was in college when I know that there is such thing as specialization because some of my friends studied Dentistry in college but they specialize in Orthodontist.
When I arrived here in the US, I already had a problem with my two front teeth. I had a hard time looking for a Dentist since I do not know anybody whom I could trust and not be afraid. My hubby never goes to a Dentist too because his reasoning is that I do not have a problem with my teeth and it is true too. However, for me I want my two front teeth to be check. This problem goes on for years until I opened up this problem to my stepdaughter and she said that it is no problem. To find a Dentist here in US is not a problem since I can check it online if there is a good Dentist close to our area. I did check immediately and there are several Dentists that there office are close by and I have found one that I think I could trust. I do hope that when I will set for an appointment I go there I do not feel scared.

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