Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spicers Orchard,Fenton,Michigan

After three weeks of church activities it's time for me to enjoy the summer. So start since last weekend and until yesterday I was basically out almost everyday. Last Monday we spent Independence day celebration at Pontiac Lake, Michigan riding a pontoon boat.
Yesterday, we went to Spicers Orchard, Fenton, Michigan. We had passed that area before since it was so close to M-23 but don't have the chance to visit it. It was a huge farm going to the entrance of the farm across the entrance gate is I guess an apple orchard and it's huge. After we parked we immediately went to the store and took a bucket for our Cherry picking. Yes they do have a pick all you can Cherries. I love cherries first and foremost I so wished that we have it here in our backyard I don't know why my hubby or his family didn't bother to plant fruit tress since they owned acres of land. Anyway, after exploring the store which for me all the fruits and vegetables are fresh and the donuts is so good, we ride a hay wagon going to the Cherry tree area. Of course, all of us where so excited to picked cherries immediately but not me, I picked and ate, until to my  heart contentment. Then I started to picked cherries and I knew that the dark ones are the sweeter and found out that most of those huge and dark cherries are on top of the tree. So I didn't hesitate to climbed the tree and picked all the best cherries my hand could reached. I was even singing when I was on top of the tree I remember growing up I love to climb trees my Grandma always hollered at me to be careful and not to come home with broken bones lol!! I love our activity yesterday and today we are going to Wave pool and that would be another review to make, ciao!!


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