Thursday, May 5, 2011

CC: I, as a Mother/Aunt...according to my husband

I don't have a child of my own but I have three nieces and one nephew that I treated, cared and loved as my own. Their mother is my sister who happened to have a life of her own. So what happened then, all her children was left to me and my brother since they were born except the first one, but my sister left her too  when she was in grade school.
One time two years ago I was in the Philippines vacationing when I happened to meet my high school classmate. And all my nephew and nieces are tagging with me ( which I love) and she asked me if they are all my kids. I said YES! And I saw those eyes popped out and they were giggling. I knew what they are thinking so after a quick chat me and my nieces and nephew went to Chowking and there I explained to them what happened. I told them that they don't come out from my tummy but God gave them to me and they came out from my heart. I never degraded their parents of what they did to them but told them the truth,  and I never took their parents right that they are their biological parents but they never tried to be like parents to them.  As for me and my brother we love them as much as their parents do and they knew that.
My  husband know this from the very beginning before we meet. We have chatted for two years and when he decided to see me he knew what I've been talking too. He knew that my world revolved around them before I meet him and that I loved them to death just like any mother do ( I think except my sister lol). Anyhow, since I don't have my own biological children I supported (financially, emotionally etc) them all the way. My husband always told me that I have a loving and soft heart. Even if I am a thousand miles away I always think of them, their safety and everything. And thankfully my husband is supportive of it. God knew what is in our heart and He fills it. God is good!! To see the story of my beloved kids it's here in my Pride and Joy blog
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Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Kim, you are so sweet and such a loving and responsible woman. I love your sense of humor and I am so happy for you that God blessed you with your husband! Yay!

Kathy M.

Mommy Liz said...

You do have a great and big heart. Your kids are so blessed for having an aunt like you. They didn't come out of your belly, but you gave them life when their parents can't that is what's more important than carrying them inside your womb. sabi nga ni Aiko Melendez sa movie nila ni Tin Tin Guttierez "Ikaw lang ang nagluwal sa kanya, pero ako, ako nag bumuhay sa kanya." oh di ba, nakaka goosebumps..You are a great aunt and a wonderful mother.

Jona said...

you indeed have a great heart Kim. i like what you told them that they didn't come from your tummy but from your heart. that's very touching. i can sense that these kids love you as their own mother. my late CC entry


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