Thursday, May 19, 2011

CC: Being a daughter......

I missed last week Couples Corner but here I am today typing and reminiscing the memories of me as a daughter to my parents. 
I think I could say that as a daughter I am a good one, ^_^. I am the eldest of the 2 siblings I have. And in our Filipino culture we are basically the second parent to our younger siblings right? So at an early age my mother taught me what is responsibility means, time management, prioritizing, household chores and money management. Basically it is already about life in an early stage. I don't remember that I go often to my neighbor's house to play because I have an obligation at our house that has to be done. Growing up, we had nannies. When we were in Elementary we only had one left then after I graduated Elementary my mom decided not to have one. That' when I started to apply all the things that my mother had taught me. And looking back I am very thankful that my mom trained and taught me all the things necessary in this life. Now,  I don't have problem dealing with all those things I just posted above, lol! Though, of course I don't have so many play time when I was a child but it's not really a thing to be missed about.
As a daughter I am an obedient  and I don't like to tell lies. As far as I could remember I only tell lie to my mother twice and I almost caught I get away with out my mom discovering it ^_^ From those experienced I told myself never again I will tell lie nor I will decide something not thinking about what will gonna be the consequence.
My father is always away from us. He is a sales representative while my mother is an Elementary teacher. But he is also very disciplinary father. He has rules and if you broke it then watch out he really will belt you. I don't remember my father belted me because I don't want too, lol!! 
At my age, in my mid 40's looking back my parents did raised up pretty good. They didn't lack on giving us good advices. They supported us and they loved us. As a daughter what can I asked for more but to continue the legacy that my parents showed to us and taught us. I missed my parents they both passed away and even at my age now, I couldn't say that I don't need parents because a daughter is a daughter to his/her parents no matter what age you are, how successful you are, how happy you are in your life. 

                             "Honor your father and your mother, that you days may be long
                                         in the land which the Lord your God gives you."
                                                               Exodus 20:12

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teJan said...

You are indeed a good daughter and well trained..hehe.

mine is up too:)

simply kim said...

that was very nice.. an obedient child is a special gift for parents. your parents are lucky to have you for a daughter the same way you are lucky to have them..

my ENTRY is up by the way..

lina@happy family said...

You are really a great daughter!

Mommy Liz said...

Tama ka dyan Manang Kim, kahit ano pang edad natin, need natin ng parents to guide us to tell us what we need to do, or just to listen to us while we brag about our things that we achieved. Noong maliit pa ako, madalas akong masinturon ng tatay ko, naughty kasi ako eh. hehe.. bakit kaya ako walang obedient na anak, silang apat, mga matitigas ang ulo,s iguro ganti ito sa pagiging matigas ang ulo ko noong araw..hehehe.

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