Friday, May 27, 2011

Being appreciated

Being appreciated by the man on your life like your husband is the most wonderful thing that a wife could be thankful for. How many husband do that? How many husband knew how to appreciate things around him more so to his wife?
Been thinking of how many women don't have this privilege. I also thought that because they haven't receive it from their husband they will find ways to fill the gap inside them. Then I think it will lead to over spending, going out with friends, which oftentimes you/we found out that they are not real friends. Finding happiness outside of our homes is just an expression that we are not happy inside. I remember a nun says "we can't give love if we don't have love inside us"...that is so true, right?
Appreciating and or saying appreciation to others also comes from your heart. If we have enough self-esteem and self-confidence we can appreciate other people because our heart is full of it. Some do say an appreciation to somebody because he/she need something for you or just not to say the truth but we can feel if the appreciation is truthful and honest. As I've said it's hard for some people and it's sad.
Hubby appreciate me when I was over-weight and even when I have a bad hair day!! Now that I lose weight he never change he appreciate  the same and I could feel it's sincere and truthful. And I too appreciate him for all the things he shared and do to me. Love, love, love!!


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