Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CC: When he doesn't like what I cooked

Good for me I will eat it!! LOL!! Frankly, it hurts at first I cried because I thought I did my best but my best isn't good enough (kanta to hiniram ko lang ^_^)  We Filipina we saw our mother how they cooked and take care of our father. And we somehow do that to our husbands too. Not sometimes realizing that....KANO TONG HUSBAND KO, aba!! One time I cooked sumptuous breakfast yun pala wala siyang gusto kahit isa doon sa handa ko. Eh pinoy style breakfast yun, gusto niya pang mag cereal and milk....aba na hurt ang mapakumbaba kung heart....umiyak nag drama to the max. 
Ngayon na understand ko na that in term sa pagkain, we are way different. Yes he eats rice, dried fish, fish, stir fry vegetables but hinde katulad ko na I can eat it everyday pati na yung left over. At ito pang isa, ewan ko kung sa hubby ko lang ito they are not used to eating left over. Aba sa atin sa Pinas hinde malayong five hours ang lift over maging over andoon na sa tiyan. Kaya ako talaga ang kakain sa mga left over and it's okey if lutong sometimes kano dishes din. 
Pero may mga luto akong he loves it. Like mussels with coconut milk, spring roll, isda but hinde yung head ayaw tumingin sa eye ball gross daw, chaka!! Ang sarap kaya noon ^_^ Sa sweets binangkal. Honestly, sometimes I get confused what to prepare for dinner or lunch. I don't want to let him eat a lot of meat lalo na sa pork or beef. But he doesn't like chicken either, kakaloka diba? Kaya we agreed that if I can't come up with something we both like then we have to fix our own food together in the kitchen, para walang gulo ^_^ So that is what sometimes we do and I am okey with it. 
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Mommy Liz said...

katuwa ka naman Manang Kim. totoo ka, nakaka hurt kapag ayaw nila ng niluto natin, todo effort pa naman diba. Di lang hubby mo ang ayaw ng left over, hubby ko rin, very rare na kakain siya ng left over. kaloka noh? tayo sa Pinas, walang left over, kasi kulang pa ang food, hehehe..

Kim, USA said...

Ay buti nalang at hinde lang itong hubby ko ang hinde masyadong feel ang left over ^_^ At tama ka walang left over sa atin minsan lang ^_^

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

you both seems to enjoy cooking your meal together manang Kim...and find your post hilarious knowing that we Pinoys are really like that...and I dont deny ganun din ako and my hubby at times...wala nman dapat tayong ikahiya with that diba...sayang nman kasi eh..hehehehe...mabuti na lng tong hubby ko eh di mareklamo when it comes to food...kahit ano basta pagkain pwede...;)

take a peek on my entry

f e R r y j H o i said...

yeah Sis!!! mahirap talaga ang sitwasyon mo!!! marrying a foreigner makes your life be different to what you used to be. Pero look at you now diba?? masaya ka parin!!!

Jen said...

Thanks for dropping by my CC entry Ate Khim...

Actually tawag sakin ng hubby ko crying wifey kasi super iyakin ako kaya kahit hindi niya gusto luto ko, shut up na alng siya kesa naman iiyak ako..hahaha

Same tayo, minsan naiinis ako kakaisip for lunch or dinner. kasi tayo kahit kunting fried fish (kahit ulo lang)lang ok na or kahit mga tira tira..pero sa kanila yong fresh and newly cooked...oh di ba sino ba naman hindi na aaboredo niyan minsan..hahah

hayyy hindi kaya madali magpakain ng hindi kalahi..hahaha

simply kim said...

what a convenient way to fix the kitchen problem, lol! mine's HERE by the way..

texas_sweetie said...

waaaaa kakaloka nga talaga yong husband mo, aba at ayaw pa kumain ng leftover... yeah there are times din na we tend to forget our husbands are Americans/white and we cook foods for them that are out of this world.

nice deal yong kanya kanya nalang kayo ng luto para walang gulo. haha

mine is up too, hope you take your time checking it out!
When He Doesn't Like The Food I Cook

Shynn said...

kakatuwa nga ang hubby ko coz kahit hindi niya gusto, nauubos niya ang food na hinain ko. maybe juz trying to please me but at least he didn't really hurt my feelings. sometimes i will be the one full of complaints with his type of food but as time goes by natututunan ko na ring palitan ang taste buds ko... hehehe...

Mrs.Bech said...

hehe! you guys are cute! :)

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