Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's in your name?

When you are born in the Philippines, you may have two or three first name! Okey I have two and usually the "Kim" is the mostly used by my Filipino friends. Anyway, when I was young most specially in grade school I hated that name. Why? Because there is one brothel house in our city that is called "KIM's" and you can only imagine how I am teased because of that.  I think now a days it is called bullied but thankfully I am a strong kid at that time they won't stay close nor continue to teased me you are going to received a smacked on the face!! Hahahaha!
But  deep inside I really did wish that, that house will be gone for good and it did one day. It caught on fire and it burnt down for good, hurrayyy to that!! It was like something on my shoulder was lift out, I sigh for a relief to that. So how come my parents came up to this name?  When my mom started to feel contraction she was immediately rushed to the hospital called St. Mary hospital. And that's where my name Mary came from, from a saint. Then for the Kim, my father was a sales rep for a bag company named Kimberly, and that's how they came up with a name Kim. Oh well, at least I knew. And now I am so loving my name, my American family and friends called me Mary and my Filipino friends called me Kim how is that huh!


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