Friday, February 25, 2011

A morning after pill

I just heard this morning on our tv local news that this "morning after pills" will be available in our leading drugstores. I was "oh wow" that is not something that many parents would like, I guess! And so a thought came out on my mind, how do parents talked to their teenagers kids about SEX?? We know for sure that in their school they are already thought about what's the uses of contraceptive. And watching tv, movie and listening to music a lot of talking about sex is being written. So for the parents whose children are bombarded with this information how are you going to let them know the real facts about it. 
We all knew that the number of teenage pregnancy escalate rapidly for the past few years. And as Joy Behar commented on her show (look at here Joy Behar) that pills could prevent from abortion, well I beg to disagree with that. Is it a struggle for parents to talk about sex to their sons and daughters but teachers and the influences outside are their who had no qualms in telling them about this things. 
I just wonder does parents teach their kids to  practice chastity now a days? Or do they have  no voice at all because they feel that they don't have the power to discipline their teenagers? But we don't do nothing to stopped this movie, tv shows, music and any kind of entertainment showing all this crap? How is that? I have two nieces and one nephew and sooner or later they will be in their teen-age years. Me and my brother talked to them already about things that would happen and will happen if they choose not the right thing. And I pray a lot for them. 


Calleigh said...

Proper education will be the best way to avoid teens of getting knocked up. At the same time, you cant disregard the importance of parent's guidance.

Umma said...

I follow your blog diay manang Kim.

Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

The whole abortion issue is very sad. I'm sad to know that yet another way to kill a human life will be easily available. What scares me most about this pill being available in the drug stores is that teens can get it without their parents knowing -- can't this form of abortion be dangerous? can it cause excessive bleeding? I just hate the thought of some poor girl silently bleeding out in her own bedroom, after taking this pill, and her parent's not even knowing about it. Ugh. I recently did a post on the abortion issue. It's something that weighs heavily on my heart.

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