Monday, January 24, 2011

What happened to me yesterday

Hubby and I went to church yesterday after which we visited his son on the upper part of Michigan. We were at mass and after the communion I kneel  and closed my eyes and talked to God. I was there kneeling and start thanking HIM of everything HE showered us. I then felt so good and and a tremendous peace and trust came to me. I know there is no words that can described what I feel or if it is a feeling. But I knew to those who experienced this knew exactly what I mean. The PEACE and TRUST inside me is so tremendous that tears came out. I can't thank God enough and I knew  that HE is there with US in our journey through life. And I trust HIM with all our life. Ain't that good to have GOD in your life? GOD is LOVE!! And HE is an awesome GOD!!


Rebecca said...

I absolutely agree-and so well said-Amen!

joy said...

God is indeed an awesome God! It is only through our hearts that we can really speak to God and to have that experience is so powerful. God bless.


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