Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snoping husband?

Happy New Year everyone!! Wow it's 2011 and life has to move on what ever it takes, right? Yesterday, a friend of mine put on her FB status this news about a husband reading his wife's email and who might go to jail??? Ridiculous!!! By the way I haven't read the whole news and there is always two sides of a story. One that I heard is that she gave to him her password one time and then change it later...that's the only one that I heard. And because I didn't heard much about the real story I am going to say my opinion from my view. 
First and foremost even if we are husband and wife we are entitled to our privacy. 
Second, because we are husband and wife and we are one we also have the option to share (this one) emails or text message to our spouses IF we are at ease and IF we are not hiding anything, right? 
Third, for me I am okey with snoping (hahahahaha) who knows what you find lol!!
Fourth, it doesn't say ex-husband/ says husband/wife so they are married!!  How in the world a wife would like to send her husband to a jail just because he reads his email? What is in HER emails that she is most willing to give up her husband??? It smells fishy to me, do you? 
Fifth, are we husband/wife has to talk over matters and not plunge into decision that we might as well regret it? What happen to the vows we say to each other? Does it has an expiration date, haha!

So that's my take I have more to say but have to do some errands. Ciao!


Rebecca said...

My husband and I share an email aocount -so no problems-interesting though!

rjs mama said...

really ridiculous :) kawawa naman si hubby =D

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