Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's still chilly

I don't know but it seems that I don't understand what is going on today. Outside the sun is out but our temperature says 33F so that is almost freezing. I didn't want to go outside but I will later hehe. Well, I had a news from my niece last night and it makes my blood boiled. I don't know why there are some people who can't understand, who are users, who are greedy. Sometimes you will say ipapasa Diyos nalang but sometimes we also have to do something to tell this moroons that hey that is enough!! Nakakaloka ang balita nang pamangkin ko talaga that I ended up going to bed last night so pissed off. Thankfully hubby is there for me to listened my ranting and raving, what the heck he do understand me and he gave me advice too. 


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