Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Housewives of Orange County

I've been itching to write about this reality tv show title The Real Housewives of Orange county. Of all the places that they have features real housewives...Orange county is for me a flop and has a bad taste. I have seen all the quarrels on this show...but Orange county is getting not nice. One time two weeks ago I think, I watched the show and along the way...it made me think if my mother will say this "blowjob" words on national tv, "horny", all those supposedly private words, I might get angry with my mother. For me, if they are really a real housewives don't you think they will let your steamy lovemaking  be shown on national tv and the man is not your husband? Where is the role model effect to that? Is this show supposed to be telling the value of a real housewives or just the opposite thing. I don't care if they have a breast enhancement, botox or what ever it's their choice but to say words that are not appropriate to say in national tv is not cool. They are supposed to set up what is really to be a real housewives be responsible of what the title of your show or it might be change to the bitches housewife? 


Calleigh said...

hello manang Kim.. wa jud ko ganahan watch aning reality tv show da... murag pacontest ra man na sila plastic surgery hahaha...

Besides, if they mostly hissed profanity - they are not setting good examples as the real housewives.

I believe majority of the housewives dont act that way.. I guess, its all about the ratings... as one of the cliche' that goes "sex sells"...

Kim, USA said...

Hehehe korek!! It's easy to sell sex now a days. That's why I stop watching it.

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